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08.10.05 (11:31 am)   [edit]

omg, last night wasnt that bad, i thought it wouldnt be as good, but nah it was actually really gud. everyone apaert from that two bitches were there which made it even more cause we didnt have to worry about them getting in our way.I got a picture of one of the Hillary guys and he took one of me too!!! Yay! well he got one of me 1st so i thought well i will be nice to and get one of him to!lol.hehe.So last night turned out to be really good, but all of girls found out that that ginga bitch anal can not dance, normal ppl can atleast dance to the beat but she cant even do that!How sad is that ay, but us girls had a huge laugh out of it!!!!

And there was some really hot Hilary guys there but yeah i left them alone cause i didnt want to cause trouble, but it was still really cool dancing with them, and they are like sooo gud at dancing its not funny they kicked our arse so bad, i mean they can drty dance and just plainly dance! they are hot, gud dancers, and all round nice and guiene people, even the girls were nice and danced with us in this huge cirlce we made and got the Hillary boys dancing in our circle at times too. But what pissed alot of ppl off was Lauryn, wen ever we had the Hillary boys dancing with us she would always come over and dirty dance with them... it was discusting, it really was!!!


So kewl
07.04.05 (2:57 pm)   [edit]

haha the best weekend ever! i went out with my best bud and we went out on the town and drunk with my guys mates and had such a blast and it was the best night ever, we even meet up with some hot guys and we even got there numbers!! So kewl.

then saturday night we also went out with different ppl and went back into town and went out to the girls high school after ball but we didnt exactly go into the after ball as we were so tired from the night before!So we just went to sleep in he car!

well anyway chloe and megan are such bitches and its so funi cause they are so skanky and they only have them and a few other ppl as there friends!haha they can suck shit!